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Background Screen Types

Instant State and National Criminal Checks:

Reveals criminal record information and is a key to offsetting the liabilities of negligent hiring. Using criteria established by your corporate guidelines, we search county, state (where available) and federal criminal court records.

Driving History:

Reveals valid license information, negligent/reckless operators and individuals operating a vehicle with an invalid or suspended license. An important search for any company hiring drivers of company vehicles, or for personnel operating personal vehicles for company business.

Credit Employment Insight:

Shows debt load, payment history and public record information of a civil nature (bankruptcy, lien, judgment) and more.

Social Security Number Verification (Bureau):

Includes name, social security number, and prior addresses.

Employment Verification:

Our team of professionals asks specific questions confirming application information.

Worker’s Compensation History:

A post-offer search worker’s compensation history reveals repeated abuse of job-related injury claims in accordance with the ADA (American with Disabilities Act).

Social Security Number Verification (SSA):

Shows name of cardholder and validity of number.

Education Verification:

Confirms through the given educational institution the years of attendance and/ or graduation and degree(s) obtained.

Professional License Verification:

Indicates to whom the license is issued, issuing agency, the validity of issue, date of expiration and, if available, history of disciplinary action taken on the licensee.

Sexual Offender:

A search through the Sexual Offender Registry is available in some states. Lists offender name, address, crimes of conviction and a picture if available.

Asset Search:

A search through a series of databases locating property, automobiles, addresses, corporate affiliations, aircraft, and boats.

Civil Records:

(Upper): The upper and lower civil courts are distinguished based upon financial value of a claim. Higher value cases such as divorce are handled at the upper level.
(Lower): Lower value cases such as eviction, small claims, and minor disputes are included in the lower level civil

Criminal Court Document Copies:

Copies of the original court documents.

Sexual Offender Screening

Included in all National and Statewide searches.

Disposition Searches:

A search of the county court records to obtain any and all information regarding a case, which may be missing on the original report.

Name, Address, Phone Searches:

Provides the name, address, phone and other identifiers for an individual or company.

Prices start as low as $39.99 for a bundled package for an Instant National Criminal, Social Security Trace, Sexual Offender Check and one County background screen. Contact us to learn more!