What is A Corporate Kit Exactly?

To have a strong grasp of what a corporate kit consists of, a better
approach would be to understand when using a corporate kit would be
best for your company. Corporate kits provide a high level of organization
that keeps every business on the right track in regards to its legal
Generally, a corporate kit is a deluxe binder that keeps all your legal
records in order. From your corporate seals to minutes and certificates,
your corporate kit will maintain your corporation’s most important
documents in one organized place.
Corporate kits are used by companies of diverse sizes for many reasons. Not
only do they keep every legal paper easily within your reach whenever you
need them, but they also add a touch of professionalism to your desk. On
top of that, corporate kits are mostly embossed with your corporation’s
name in gold on the spine or the back, which puts more emphasis on your
company being official

Does Your Company Need A Corporate Kit?
The short answer to this question is: Yes. While deciding to use a corporate kit is fully optional, it is always preferred to include it in your business incorporation procedure. A Corporate kit is a safe location where you can shelter all your legal documents, from stock certificates to corporate seals and minutes. When using a corporate kit, you will no longer worry about your legal records, since you will always know where to find them whenever the need arises. 

LLC Kits and Corporate Kits: How to Tell The Difference 
Among the differences between LLCs and corporations is the strictness of each one’s legal recordkeeping requirements. When it comes to LLCs, LLC kits are used to protect all your legal papers, such as the listing of members, the articles of organization, your company’s operating agreements, annual reports, and many other LLC documents. As for corporate kits, they are used to keep minutes, stock certificates, shareholder meetings and any other important legal records safe in one single place. Yet, for both structures, LLC kits and corporate kits are not legally required. However, both kits are necessary to help you stay on top of your legal needs by having every document easily at your disposal.