Organization Corporatekits

How a Corporate Kit Will Help You Become Organized

The Corporate Kit or LLC Kit is usually a custom-made organizational binder and a hassle-free, time-tested way to collect and keep your company’s administration records stored safely.

As you develop your corporation or LLC (Limited Liability Company), it is advisable to objectify the administration of your business.  This includes a good organization of your most important files —including minutes associated with the activities of the business, bylaws, operating contracts, shareholder contracts, share records and stubs and transfers.

Well-maintained documents do not only enhance professionalism, reliability, and comfort, but also your own peace of mind. Occasionally, courts touch the company’s corporate veil so they can hold the managers personally responsible for the debts of the business.  Great records can show the self-reliance of the firm from the personal affairs of the managers, which makes an essential safeguard against such statements.

Designed specifically for such documents, thanks to helpful section-dividers that collect and separate different types of files, the Corporate and LLC Kits likewise contain the Company Seal within a pouch installed onto the rings and the trademarked label.

Every kit will contain a binder, with a slipcase. The spine of the binder will have the name of your corporation, LLC or non-profit, engraved on it.

Additionally, every corporate kit will include a metal seal with the business name, state, a form of organization (Corp, LLC or not-for-profit) as well as the year of incorporation. In your LLC kit, you can keep documents related to working contracts, membership records and regular membership transfer ledger. As for the corporate kit, the files would be the minutes and bylaws, share certificates and share transfer ledger, while non-profit organizations’ kit will incorporate the organization’s bylaws and membership certs.


Although getting a corporate kit might be mostly optional, many banks may require viewing a copy of the corporation’s records to find the outline of the organization and its managers. Furthermore, your bank may require your corporate seal as a signature. Therefore, we highly recommend you get a complete kit for your corporation. You will never know when the need for the files, or the seal, would arise when submitting your records to your bank, or even to the state.  

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