Business Licenses

Business licenses are permits that are issued by the government that allows any company or individual to conduct their business within a certain locality, area, or jurisdiction. In some states, individuals or companies are given the privilege to conduct business in some counties and municipalities where such licenses and taxes could be levied by their local business licensing offices. Before you even start your own business make sure to find out if such licenses are required in the location where you want to set-up your business. Businesses that offer services, or have set up branches in multiple locations may need to acquire licenses from each state and/or county in which they conduct their business.
In every state there are certain laws that require certain businesses or profession to acquire a license before they could offer their services. In some states some businesses are regulated more than others. It does not mean that if you are not required to get a business license in a particular state, you are not required to get one once you transfer or open up your business in another state.
Before you start buying or leasing property for your business, make sure that the zoning in your chosen location allows your type of business in that location before they could issue you a business license. Usually in some states, before a business license could be issued for a certain business, the licensing department would check the zoning of your business.