3 Essential Items You Need for Your Business Incorporation

Incorporating your business is one of the best decisions you can make.Business
incorporation will allow you to benefit from many advantages,whether you are a
sole proprietor or a partner.

However, just like business incorporation requires some necessary legal records,
you must also bear in mind there are some essential “must-have’s” you will
need when incorporating your business. The following items must never be
overlooked, no matter the corporate structure you chose to adopt.

1.A Company Binder:
A gold embossed company binder is the star of the whole collection.Having a binder with your corporation’s name engraved on its
spine does not only speak of your professionalism, but it also gives your comp
anymore authority as it reminds anyone who enters your desk of your corporation's legal presence.

In addition to that, your corporate binder will enable you to keep all your legal
records in perfect order. Knowing where each legal paper is placed will make
it easier for you to reach out to it without struggles whenever you need it,
saving you massive amounts of time, stress and efforts. When looking for a
corporate binder, we believe the ideal choice to be a binder made of heavy
and Eco-friendly materials. This will make your company binder more
durable and harmless to the environment.

2.A Corporate Seal:
Each company has a specific set of documents it must agree on. This is when
the owners or decision-makers are usually faced with the importance of a
company seal and the role it plays.

Generally, a company seal is used on documents that managers, directors or
board members are exchanging or need to agree on. Thus, having your
documents sealed with your company’s registered name, its incorporation
year, and its logo is the best way to confirm your company’s
confidentiality and support.


Choosing your company’s seal usually occurs once your business is
incorporated. The moment this step is completed, and all the important
documents are signed, the company can then start its activity without any

3.Stock Certificates:
Stock certificates are legal documents that prove ownership of a number of
stocks or shares in a corporation. These legal documents stand as evidence
and are usually required to facilitate stock exchange or the transfer
of the shareholding.

This legal form reflects the legal interest of ownership in stocks or
assets.Therefore, every corporation must have its own stock certificates to
make the shareholding transfer easier, legal and more confidential.

At Corp U.S.A, we understand how daunting it can be to gather all these items
in order to make your business incorporation go smoother. For this reason,
we created a special Corporate Kit that enables you to get all the elements
mentioned above, in addition to many more, with unmatched quality at
affordable prices.

With decades of experience in this field, we know what our
customers’expectations are, and we work on exceeding them in every